Healthcare settings are dynamic environments where timely communication can make a significant difference in patient outcomes. Recognizing this need, Window Techs has partnered with Carecom to bring an innovative Nursecall System to the Indian market. This partnership aims to enhance the efficiency and reliability of hospital communication systems, ensuring that patient care is always prioritized.

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Introducing the Carecom Nursecall System

The collaboration between Window Techs and Carecom brings together Japanese innovation and Indian market expertise. Carecom, a renowned name in Japan, has been a pioneer in nurse call systems for nearly 60 years. This partnership was initiated after a chance meeting between our team and Carecom’s MD at a healthcare exhibition. The result is a robust Nursecall System tailored for the diverse needs of Indian hospitals.

Types of Carecom Systems

Carecom offers three distinct Nursecall Systems, each designed to cater to hospitals of different sizes and requirements:

  1. ICRP: The Analog Solution
  2. BCRC: The Hybrid System
  3. BCAC: The Pure IP System

Key Features of Carecom Systems

Customizability: Each system can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the hospital, ensuring optimal functionality and user-friendliness.

Scalability: Whether a small nursing home or a large multi-specialty hospital, Carecom systems can be scaled to meet the facility’s needs.

Integration: The systems seamlessly integrate with existing hospital infrastructure, including software systems, IP protocols, and fire alarm systems.

ICRP System Details

The ICRP system is a purely analog solution, ideal for small hospitals and nursing homes. It offers a cost-effective option without compromising on essential functionalities. This system ensures that even the most price-sensitive facilities can benefit from reliable nurse call capabilities.

BCRC System Details

Designed for mid-sized hospitals with 100 to 300 beds, the BCRC system is a hybrid solution that combines analog and IP technologies. It connects via LAN, allowing data extraction to a server room, thus facilitating efficient hospital management.

BCAC System Details

The BCAC system is tailored for large hospitals with over 300 beds. It is a pure IP system that offers advanced connectivity options, making it possible to integrate with software systems, IP protocols, and fire alarm systems. This system is ideal for facilities looking to future-proof their communication infrastructure.

Benefits of Using Carecom Systems

Enhanced Patient Care: With efficient communication channels, healthcare providers can respond promptly to patient needs, improving overall care quality.

Efficient Hospital Management: The systems streamline communication and data management, contributing to smoother hospital operations.

Future-proof Technology: Carecom systems are designed with future advancements in mind, ensuring long-term reliability and adaptability.

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The Carecom Nursecall System by Window Techs is a game-changer for hospital communication in India. With its customizable options and advanced technology, it ensures that patient care is never compromised. Choose Window Techs for unparalleled expertise, transparent pricing, and exceptional support.