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CARECOM’s Interactive Nurse Call, Providing a Hotline between Nurses and Patients

Description of BCRC

The BCRC Nurse Call System consists of a nurse station mounted Master Station connected by cable with the Patient Stations (BCA-304RUE) and the call units for the toilet/shower room (BCT-3.0ZRE) and supports two-way communication between nurse and patient. Also, through a Staff Station (BCA-303RUE) you can communicate with your hospital staff in the nurse staff room and OPD room. For fuller details of the BCRC Nurse Call System, refer to the Operation Manual.

Responding to patients’ calls

bcrc windowtech

Call a patient through the handset


Communication between nurses and hospital staff

brcr3_window tech

Description of BCRC


Cables Specification

Be sure that the cables you use conform to the specifications below.

TypeDiameter (mm)Resistance (Ω/km)
Between Master Station and Patient Stations Communication/Interphone cable (single wire)0.6556.8 or below
Between Master Station and digital corridor display Twisted pair cables with shielding0.593.8 or below

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