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In the INSULATED GLASS BLIND system, the blind (Venetian, & Honeycomb) is encapsulated within two or three glass panes. WINDOW TECHS develops sun shading systems that are integrated within double glazing units, which optimize the problem of light and heat gain in buildings & gives a long-lasting and maintenance-free solution. It enables the user to reduce undesired heat gain in the summertime, resulting in savings on air conditioning costs, and to increase heat gain during wintertime, thus cutting heating costs.

Reasons to choose Window-techs for insulated blind

Window techs Shading Systems

The blind is moved in a sealed environment, protected from dust, dirt, or weather conditions. The characteristics of traditional double-glazing units are also preserved, leaving unaltered the hermetic properties of the cavity. Venetian and pleated blinds are two types of blinds that are available for window tech systems to satisfy any design requirements.

Window techs Control Systems

For manual or motorized systems, the movement of the blind doesn’t affect the insulating glazing unit’s capabilities or performance in a sealed environment. Blinds don’t need to be maintained because of the quality of insulated glass blinds that provide complete protection from dirt, dust, or weather conditions. With a loss of magnetic attraction of around 2% every 100 years, the life cycle of the magnetic components is practically infinite.

The slats & color options

The blinds are 16 mm & 12.5 mm wide slats and consist of profiled aluminum strips.

The ladder-shaped support/swivel cord that rotates the blind slats is made of polyester. The carrying cords have high breaking strength and resistance to UV radiation. In the raised position, the blind occupies only 4% of the window height, which gives a large amount of light. The slats are available in different standard colors, as shown below. The standard colors are selected to match the exterior of many buildings and do not significantly change the color of daylight.

A Strong Combination

Window Tech double-glazed window with the built-in blind is an advanced development of the conventional double-glazed window. It offers the combined benefits of double glazing and a blind. The basic properties and the hermetic seal of the double-glazed window are maintained. At the same time, the airtight and waterproof shaft bushing ensures that the blind is protected against dust, moisture, and damage.

The combination of the pane and blind makes the blind pane an ideal sunshade that varies from fully open to fully close by a factor of 10, from 0.8 to 0.08. The G-value expresses the relative radiance of the solar energy: 1.0 at full radiation and 0.0 at no radiation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Window Techs VIEW Blinds material and slat width?
Our enclosed blinds have three different widths:

  • Raise/lower/tilt = 12.5 mm aluminum slats (20mm and 23 mm air gap between the two glasses.)
  • Raise/lower/tilt = 16 mm aluminum slats (27mm air gap between the two glasses.)
  • Raise/lower = 20 mm honeycomb fabric (27mm air gap between the two glasses.)

Window Techs design fits into many fixed window applications. Our 7/8″ product is designed to fit in single and double hung windows.

What is Insulated Glass Blinds?

Insulated Glass blinds are very easy to understand that we put the blind in between the two glasses which are hermetically sealed in the glass factory.

Are these units filed with Argon gas

Yes, we provide argon gas on demand of client if it isn’t then it will come as vacuumed as standard product.

What are the operation option available?
We have manual and motorized options.
What are the operation available in manual operations?

We are having 2 options available in manual operations, One is magnetic sliding option and other is cord/chain operation.

What are the operation available in motorized operations?

We can operate motorized blinds with 3 different ways.

1. Remote Control Ootion

2. Wired Switch Option

3. We can integrate our blinds with any automation system.

What about the wiring details for the motorized blinds?

We are having our engineers who can guide you in details.

can these blinds fits in wood/UPVC/aluminium windows?

Yes our blinds can be fit in any option of your window.

Can these blinds installed in slider and opnevaldoor and windows, apart from fixed windows?

 Yes, we are having fitments available for these windows/doors.

How it is possible to get these blinds in any part of our counttry or abroad?

It is very easy as we have trained all the glass manufactures and processors in the different parts of our country, so they can easily seal our blinds in there glasses. So we don’t need to send the glass blind from our manufacturing plant to any far distance.

Can you do small quantities also?

Yes we can do any quantity according to the requirement of client.

Can you coordinate with iour architect /interiror designer?

Yes we can always talk to your architect or interior designer regarding their technical queries.

Can you coordinate with my existing window/'glass manufacturer/supplier?

Yes we can always talk to them regarding the details of your requirement so their shouldn’t be any miscommunication.

What about the warranty?

We give 5 year warranty on our product.

Can you send someone to my place for survey?

Yes we can always send our executive anywhere in India.

Are these blinds having UV-protection?

Yes, our blinds are having UV protection.