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Nurse Call System

Today, Window Techs is a dominant influence in healthcare innovation and services. By working together with CARECOM- A DENMARK company with more than 20 years of experience with major in hospital NURSE CALL SYSTEM. Our vision is to contribute to the improvement of healthcare outcomes, by utilizing our innovative solutions. Their mission is to enable healthcare professionals and patients around the world, to work together to share knowledge in an efficient and secure manner to improve health.

Whatever your kind of establishment, be it in the healthcare, prisons, or other market sectors, you can be sure that there will something in our range that will meet your needs.

These sector-specific solutions have been tailor-made to suit the needs of these workplaces. You can rest assured that we have thought carefully about the features – from anti-microbial protection in the healthcare sector to vandal-resistant builds for more challenging environments.

We also have to ensure that we meet and often exceed the often stringent safety standards that the various systems demand. These include for example, meeting standards that relate to Nurse Call systems in hospitals but also Cell Call Systems in prisons.