Highlights from the Fire Safety Debate at the Mega Solutions Symposium!

Explore insights from industry leaders on the critical importance of certified fire protection barriers and curtains in India. Featuring Mr. Lalit, Mr. Tomar, Mr. Kumar Waibhav, and Mr. Vishal Khandelwal, this panel emphasized our shared commitment to safety.

Experience the Spotlight: Insulated Glass Blinds at Zak Expo!

Three days, endless excitement! Our Insulated Glass Blinds captured attention at Zak Expo. Don’t miss out on the buzz and witness the spotlight stealers in action!

Exciting Kickoff at Fire India Expo Day 1

Join us as we recap the highlights from a thrilling first day at the Fire India Expo! We’re grateful to all the incredible visitors who made it a day to remember.

Exciting News: We’ve Won the Best Passive Fire Protection System Manufacturer Award.

We’re thrilled to announce our prestigious recognition from the 2023 Innovation Awards by International Fire India Expo. This accolade underscores our dedication to excellence and innovation in fire safety, with our state-of-the-art fire curtains leading the way.

Understanding the Vital Difference: Smoke vs. Fire Curtains.

Join us as we delve into the critical disparity between smoke and fire curtains with insights from WindowTech’s experts! Trust WindowTech for innovative solutions that ensure a safer environment with our cutting-edge smoke and fire curtain technology.

Presenting Our Accordion, Fire, and Smoke Curtains at the @firesafebuildindia EXPO’24!

Window Techs’ journey through fire curtain innovation was truly remarkable. 🔥 As we close the chapter on an exhibition that set the industry ablaze, we’re grateful for the opportunity to showcase our advancements in fire safety technology.

Window Techs Redefines Window and Door Solutions at ZAK Expo!

Experience innovation at its finest with Window Techs’ revolutionary insulated glass blinds showcased at ZAK Expo. Our 20mm air gap magnetic-operated blinds for doors and windows stole the spotlight, featuring cutting-edge honeycomb and Venetian blind designs. Explore a new standard in window and door solutions with Window Techs