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We are the leading manufacturer of Fire Curtains for the last 28 years and have completed many prestigious projects all around India. Our curtains are tested & certified according to the standard of EN 1634-1 with 4 hours rating

Working principle of a fire curtain

A fire curtain is a highly robust fire-resistant material. In the event of a fire, the curtain is released by a trigger from a fire alarm or local smoke detector, which allows it to descend vertically by gravity and obscure the space, doorway or lift shaft above which it is located. Once deployed, the role of a fire curtain is crucial for the prevention of flames spreading either laterally or vertically, acting as a physical barrier between the fire and the escape routes to be used by occupants in the evacuation of the building

Why fire curtain required?

Large commercial premises have multiple challenges regarding building compartmentalization and passive fire protection. Implementing fire-resistant barriers, such as fire doors and fire curtains into a building’s design divides space into compartments. With the popularity of open-plan layouts, it has become impossible to utilize fire doors due to the lack of walls. Fire curtains can be installed easily where fire doors cannot be implemented. Stored discreetly in a steelhead box above a ceiling, lobby, or doorway.


Fire-resistant curtains and doors serve three main purposes in a building: to limit the initial development of a fireplace, to stop the spread of fireside, and to guard escape routes. An effectively fitted fire curtain can help to suppress the expansion and development of a fireplace and smoke within a building. Building regulations require escape routes to be protected. Any opening, such as a doorway or lift opening that does not utilize fire-resistant barriers poses the risk of fire spreading into designated escape routes. Therefore, fire and smoke curtains protect building occupants when evacuating a building. With the assistance of certification and testing, a fire barrier is meant to face up the warmth and effects of a fire for a selected period of your time. This length of your time is specified to enable an efficient evacuation with enough time to form the required checks of the building to attenuate the danger to human life

Product testing & integrity

The fire resistance and integrity of components used in building construction has come under increased scrutiny. This in turn has placed a higher degree of focus on the level of integrity of every product. In relation to the fire resistance test for curtains and other fire barriers, testing certification is EN BS/DIN EN 1634-1. It investigates how a fire curtain maintains its integrity when exposed to fire. The extent of integrity illustrates a product’s fire resistance level.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the lead times on the supply and installation of your fire curtains?

Total turnaround time from the date of order placed and deposit received will be confirmed once the details are checked by our sales team but this is usually around 2-3 weeks.

Can you provide a service & maintenance on our curtain?
Check the control panel and it should state which company installed it. We are able to provide maintenance only on our own fire curtain systems. Unfortunately we cannot help with any other systems. Please contact our head office is you are unsure who installed your fire curtain.
How do fire curtains work?

Fire curtains are composed of an aluminium fibre glass fire rated fabric, capable of resisting high temperatures, smoke and gases which is rolled onto a steel barrel and powered by a special internal tubular geared motor. With a heavy bottom bar attached to the curtain, the fire curtain will descend fully to the floor on command down steel side guides. When not required the unit can either be manually reset or automatically retract into its concealed position until activated again.

Are fire curtains easy to install and how much room do they take up?

Due to the compact nature of the product, Window Techs India Pvt Ltd products can be installed unobtrusively, almost anywhere. They are not a product designed to be seen and therefore tend to be concealed within the ceiling void, above the false ceiling. Due to their compact size, they can also be incorporated into structural steel works, beams and other architectural finishes.

How can fire curtains be affixed?

There are numerous ways that the units can be attached to the structure. Some of the most common are suspension from threaded drop rods, attachment direct to the underside of the slab, attachment to an RSJ or steel beam and attachment direct to the side of the slab. Anybody with good building and electrical experience should have no problems installing our automatic fire curtains. We provide technical help from the outset, ensuring our supply only clients are provided with the tools required to carry out a site survey. A full installation and operating & maintenance manual is provided to ensure a smooth and simple installation process; technical help is always available over the phone if there are any queries or if help is needed to get the fire curtain fully up and running.

Due to the layout of the property I would not have access to the keyswitch in order to bring the fire curtain back up manually; how can the fire curtain be brought back up?

In case of a false alarm, once the signal is lost to our control panel the fire curtains will automatically retract. Please note that if the fire curtain is set to automatically retract the key switch provided will be made redundant, so cannot be used in order to test the functioning of the fire curtain. The fire alarm will have to be set off in order to test the fire curtain.

What are fire curtains?

In its simplest form, a fire curtain is similar to a roller shutter but it is much lighter and fire rated material is hidden away in a metal top box, which automatically unrolls downwards when needed. When not required it retracts back into position hidden from view.

Can the curtain be brought back up if there is a false alarm?
Yes, all curtains come with a key switch which can be turned in order to raise the curtain once the fire alarm system has been reset. The key switch can also be used for regular testing of the fire curtain which is recommended to be carried out no more than once per week. Easy access to the fire curtain control panel is required in order to do this. If the alarm is still in operation then an over-ride switch can be provided which will also raise the curtain.
Do you provide horizontal curtains?

No, unfortunately we only provide the vertical fire curtains. We may look to add it to our portfolio of products in the future but there is not too much demand for them at the moment.

How much will the fire curtain weigh?
The weight of the fire curtains depend on the individual width, height and material used. Please contact us on +919810079950 and a member of our sales team will be able to inform you of the weight for your specific requirements.
Can you describe the product?

Our smoke and fire curtains are automated and drop down upon activation of the fire alarm panel or individual smoke or heat detector. They are fitted to the exact measurements of the area so once they have fallen they secure the opening and will withstand a fire for between one to four hours.

What is the connection to the alarm?

The connection to the alarm is a normally closed, volt-free connection system and our control panel is 24 volts. The fire alarm system will need to be able to work with our low voltage control panels. If the fire alarm panel or detector is mains powered a relay will need to be put in place to ensure the fire curtain control panel does not blow a fuse. The only thing we don’t do during the installation is to connect to an already existing fire alarm system. The electrician or fire alarm technician will connect the alarm to the panel and our installers will advise on site how to do this. If the smoke or heat detector is provided by Window Techs India Pvt Ltd then our installers will made the connection to the alarm.

Do you offer a Service & Maintenance on your products?

Yes, we offer a 12 month guarantee with our product (as long as it’s a mechanical fault). After that a maintenance program can be offered and this is quoted as the amount for us to send a technician to site. Our engineers would come out once a year to the property to make sure the fire curtain(s) runs okay. We will test the equipment off the alarm; we will change the batteries on the control panel and check the motor limits. When complete, we’ll send through a Service & Maintenance certificate via email. Once the service and maintenance annual check has been carried out the working units are guaranteed for 12 months thereafter.

Why not use standard steel fire shutters?

Fire curtains are a lot more efficient that normal steel shutters. Fire Curtains contain heat more efficiently than steel shutters and are comparably more compact, stylish and safer than heavy steel shutters which can roll down unexpectedly. Automatic Fire Curtains are also far quieter, using highly advanced electronics & controls, ensuring they are suitable for refits and building refurbishments, designed to work with building management systems.

Why Choose us?
Window Techs Systems are a widely acknowledged company who deals with the professional design, manufacture and installation of world-class fire curtains in India, as well as many other products crucial to the fire protection industry. We understand the importance of fire safety and protection and strive to create and provide the best products for every single one of our clients, whatever the industry they are in. Choosing from our products has a number of benefits, including:
  • Slim and lightweight fire curtains for minimum footprint and disruption to your building
  • Unlimited width fire curtains with a drop of up to 16 meters.
  • Insulated and non-insulated fabrics available.
  • All driven by 24V and 240V-operated motors (will work during the event of loss of mains power) Easy installation
  • Delivery will take between 2 to 5 weeks.
How fire curtain operate?
We offer a variety of options for how the fire curtains can operate to make sure that all your requirements are met. The fire curtains can all use up to two alarm inputs to initiate closing. These inputs can be from your local fire alarm panel, smoke detectors or any volt-free contact. After the alarm input, there are a number of closing settings for you to choose from, including:
  • Close as soon as any local warning systems are set off
  • To wait for a given time period before closing
  • It gets partially closed and then wait a given period of time before closing completely
Another alarm output available is the incorporation of other local alarm equipment, such as voice warning systems, flashing beacons, and sirens.
What is a fire curtain and what does it actually do?
A fire curtain is a specially developed and engineered screen that drops from the ceiling and literally cuts off the path of a fire between two open areas. Very much like a traditional fire door. The advantages of a using our fire curtain systems are:
  • Our curtain system has been fully certified to BS EN/DIN EN 1634-1 and has been specially developed for fire curtains requiring an unlimited width.
  • We can design and manufacture fire curtains up to 18 meters in height.
  • We can design invisible fire curtain systems that are only ever seen when your fire or smoke alarm is triggered.
  • Our intelligent systems can be used to create instant and secure fire escape corridors throughout a building.
  • They come in 30,60,90,120,240 minute integrity specifications (Integrity is the amount of time the curtain has held back the flames of a test furnace. Our curtain systems have been fully tested and certified at different world class fire laboratories, with temperatures well in excess of 1000 centigrade)
  • All our curtians have a full 12 months parts and labor warranty.
What is the difference between a fire curtain and an insulated fire curtain?
An insulated fire curtain has been designed to ensure it reduces the ability for heat to pass through it. Unlike a fire curtain, an insulated curtain has undergone additional testing to ensure compliance. Council often specify insulated curtains are required. There has not been to date, a curtain developed by anyone, that has the true values of “insulation” applied to it. Meaning, a fire curtain that can be touched by a bare hand, without sever burning occurring.
Do fire-smoke curtains and fire shutters need to be inspected on a regular basis?
Depending on how active your protection system is, for example, you perform a fire test every week, then you really should have them inspected every quarter. Less active systems will usually only need a yearly inspection to check the internal rechargeable batteries and to make sure that your system has no critical wear and tear. If a system has been damaged in some way (usually side guides are prone to being damaged through a collision) then its very important that your system is checked immediately. Our systems are built to save lives so making sure they are working correctly and effectively, is on paramount importance. If should the unthinkable should happen and your system fails because of maintenance neglect, you could well see quite a few people knocking on your door wanting answers. Do leave it until its to late. Get in touch today for more advice and a free quotation
Do you supply your products and services outside India?
n short, yes. We regularly manufacture and supply all of our products to different destinations across India and some other parts of the world and all product technical documentation can be found online. You will be very hard pushed to find any other manufacturer or supplier who has the same level of dedication, which is why Window Techs are leading the way with this new life saving technology.
Do I need to supply project drawings?
If you can supply CAD drawings to us, it enable us to quote more accurately and you might not need a site survey. Our in-house qualified CAD professionals will be able to cater for all your drawing requirements.