Monsoon Blinds

Bring the outside inside with the help of UV-stabilized clear PVC transparent monsoon blinds that keep the water away. Our monsoon blinds are made using high-quality Japanese PVC material and are offered in three different thicknesses – 0.5mm, 0.63mm and 1.80mm. These custom-fit blinds withstand Indian tropical weather effects such as rain, wind, harsh glare or heat. This helps in keeping the interior comfortable and unaffected. The blinds themselves are sturdy yet easy to handle and maintain.
Our rain and wind protection system can be effectively used in resorts, beach clubs, farmhouses & outdoor dining spaces. A solid & robust hardware system allows the blinds to withstand strong sea wind on beachfront resorts while maintaining the outside view. Manufactured using transparent, high-quality Japanese PVC material will prevent water from entering your space and thus help protect your interiors. The outdoor monsoon blinds withstand the harsh tropical conditions of India. A popular choice for patios and entertainment areas, the blinds are a perfect balance of remarkable quality & refined design. The product is offered in both manual & motorized control options. With no compromise on quality, UV-stabilized PVC material prevents the blind from turning pale/yellow even after prolonged use. This is a crucial factor as poor-quality PVC material hurts the aesthetic properties of the blinds.