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Grease Separators

Grease separator model made of polyethylene for free-standing installation inside buildings. Grease separator is compact, rigid and lightweight but very rigid units simultaneously. All separators are equipped with integrated sludge traps. Currently, nominal sizes of above-ground separators are available for flow rates from 2 to 20 l/s. The other nominal sizes are on request.

Rigid and durable design

The advanced design of separator’s body ensures great stiffness and perfect resistance against internal water pressure and higher temperatures.

  • Grease separator provides efficient grease removal and prevents the pipelines from clogging;
  • No bad odorcomplete odour-tightness;
  • Convenient allocation in the room the grease separator is maintained from one side therefore it can be set up next to the wall;
  • Easy selection of flow direction to fit into the layout of existing pipelines;
  • Simple and convenient maintenance;
  • Models with manual and automatic disposal available;
  • Lightweight –easy to transport;
  • Approved according to EN1825-1 standard.


Look no further if you were looking or an odour-free operation. With our PRIMA model there is no need for opening of the cover as an extraction pipe is attached in this model. The inspection window can be used to observe the grease level in the separator. Once the maximum level of grease is reached, the contaminants are disposed off through the Extraction Pipe by a vacuum truck. Once a disposal cycle is completed, fresh water is filled in the separator through the Refilling Unit by opening the manual ball valve.


In this model, the accumulated grease layer can be monitored through the Inspection Window, and the heavy-duty Disposal Pump is activated after the level of grease is at capacity. The manual 3-way valve shall be consecutively switched to positions 1 and 2: Position 1 – Mixing: water with grease and sludge is extracted by the Disposal Pump from the bottom and delivered to the top of the separator. The pump with a vortex impeller is breaking the big contaminants into smaller pieces thus facilitating the disposal. Position 2 – Disposal: liquid is discharged by the Disposal Pump into the external tank. After complete disposal, the separator is filled up with freshwater via the Refilling Unit by opening the manual ball valve.


PUMP is our top-of-the line fully automatic model and is equipped with an autonomous program-controlled emptying system including a Disposal pump. When the maximum level of accumulated grease is reached, Grease Alarm activates the automatic disposal mode. First of all, the mixer is turned on for blending grease, water, and solid layers. Then the Disposal Pump is actuated for emptying of the separator. After complete disposal, the separator can be rinsed by freshwater which is filled through the Refilling unit, mixed, and emptied by the Disposal Pump. After rinsing, the separator is filled up completely with fresh water.

Greasly – B (Underground)

Greasly separators were developed to comply with EN 1825 and DIN4040-100 standards. Rotomoulded tanks made of polyethylene material are durable, corrosion-proof and chemically resistant, light and easy to transport.

Rigid body

Specially designed construction ensures fat trap resistance to water loads and higher temperatures. Grease separators are made of polyethylene by rotary molding. Great stiffness of the separator body against ground and groundwater loads is achieved due to the advanced design and special ribbed structure.
Greasly – Environmental friendly product : A very important feature of polyethylene products is that they can be easily recycled and reused thus reducing the waste and environmental impact. Simple maintenance : GREASLY requires only little service which is limited by the removal of accumulated grease and sludge by a vacuum truck. After disposal, the internal surfaces of the separator shall be cleaned by the high-pressure device. Smooth surfaces of rotomoulded polyethylene tanks are ensuring simple and efficient cleaning.
Easy transportation and installation : Greasly-B is made of polyethylene material therefore it is lightweight and easy to transport. Due to its rigid body, Greasly-B can be installed deep in the ground without any concrete reinforcements. Extraction Pipe for connection to extraction hose of a vacuum truck. Lids : The maintenance shaft is designed for connection with standard polyethylene or cast iron lids for load classes from A15 to 0400 according to standard EN 124. Polyethylene lid class A35 can be applied in the areas used by pedestrians, pedal cyclists and light vehicles on private household driveways (not part of the public highway).