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Residential Curtain Tracks

A curtain rail is device used to suspend curtains, usually above windows or along the edges of showers or bathtubs, though also wherever curtains might be used. When found in bathrooms, curtain rail tend to be telescopic and self-fixing, while curtain rail in other areas of the home are often affixed with decorative brackets or finial. Special rails can be made for bay windows or made by joining a number of straight and corner bends to fit the shape of a bay window.


The Window Techs-2200 Curtain track is makes it greatly steady and gives it an exquisite look. The perfect track for sheers and light or medium-weight window curtains.


  • Aluminium EN AW-6060-T6
  • Poweder coated in accordance with the Qualicoat standard White RAL 9010.
  • 2200 track weight: 220 gr/m


5300 track is a stable, slim-look design track. The curtains glide smoothly virtually without sound. We can manually open and close the curtains which keeps the fabric clean. it’s a very popular track that can be used in a wide variety of situations, such as private homes and also in office buildings and in the care sector.


  • Aluminium EN AW-60603 T6.
  • Shape and size tolerances in accordance with EN 12020
  • Special colours available on request. 5300 track weight: 359 gr/m.


5300 cord operated track is a stable, slim look design. the curtains glide smoothly cirtually without sound. 5300 cord operated track can be forward or reverse bent in different radii, the cords can run through enclosed they remain invisible and cannot tangle, Using the cord to open and close track that can be used in a wide variety of situations such as private homes and also in care sector etc.


  • Aluminium EN AW-60603 T6.
  • Shape and size tolerances in accordance with EN 12020.
  • Special colours available on request. 5300 track weight: 359 gr/m.

8900 M Track

M-Track system is simple solution of window dressing and these are elegant in looking and have an edge over the conventional drapes, because they can be frequently mixed & matched, allowing constant charge in the interior colour pattern. A diversified collection of fabric can be used for curtains with appealing designs and color combinations.


  • Aluminium EN AW-60603 T6.
  • Shape and size tolerances in accordance with EN 12020.
  • Special colours available on request. 8900 track weight: 205 gr/m.

3100 Track

The Window Techs-3100 Curtain track is makes it greatly steady and gives it an exquisite look. The perfect track for sheers and light or medium-weight window curtains. Utilized in a wide assortment of circumstances, such as private homes, but moreover in office buildings and within the care division. This window ornament track can be effortlessly mounted on either a ceiling or a wall. Easy to twist forward or turn around, and of extraordinary quality.


  • Aluminium EN AW-60603 T6.
  • Shape and size tolerances in accordance with EN 12020.
  • Special colours available on request. 3100 track weight: 510 gr/m.

6200 Electrically Operated Curtain Track

  • Made in Europe
  • Electrically operated curtain track. One of the leading products in our assortment
  • Ultra-quiet and can be used in a wide variety of situations – to enhance home comfort, but also in the care sector as an aid for disabled persons and the elderly
  • The system can also be integrated in most home automation systems
  • Our smallest motor, 1.0Nm, can be used with track lengths of up to 10 meters and curtain weights up to 40kg
  • Our most powerful motor, 3.0Nm, can be used with track lengths up to 30 meters and curtain weights up to 180kg
  • It can be easily mounted in various ways on a wall or ceiling
  • Unique compact pulley and intermediate pulley. This gives the system a tighter finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I measure for hospital curtain tracks and privacy curtains?

It is usually easiest to measure the cubicle / hospital curtain track or area as if the track were lying on the floor and you were standing above it looking down at the track (plan view). The track is aluminum and can be cut with a hack saw or electric chop saw, so when you provide measurements, you might want to add a few inches so you can trim the curtain track to fit. Also, if your layout is more complicated than a straight track or a simple L-shape, feel free to make a sketch and fax or email it to us along with your measurements.

We always put min 20% more fullness in the actual size of curtain tracks to make curtain easy. SO we calculate the fabric quantity accordingly.

Below TRACK LAYOUT is top view looking down at bed. Please provide actual track measurements only. We will add for fullness & adjust for length.

Style 1


Cubical Curtains – Style 1
Style 2A


Cubical Curtains – Style 2A
Style 2B


Cubical Curtains – Style 2B
Style 3


Cubical Curtains – Style 3
Style 4A


Cubical Curtains – Style 4A
Are the cubicle/hospital curtains flame resistant and washable?

Yes,some of our hospital/cubicle curtain fabrics are made from 100% inherently/coated flame resistant polyester. They are also washable up to 70° C.

Can I get a sample of the cubicle/hospital curtain fabric?
Yes, we can mail you a sample cutting of the fabric(s) you are considering. Since we have so many pattern and color combinations, we do ask that you narrow down your selections to a maximum of five samples per request.
Can the cubicle/hospital curtain track be curved using a different angle than 90º?

Yes, we can make the curve 45º, but the radius is still 14″. For any cubicle/hospital curtain track request other than 90º or 45º, we require that you provide a template so we can verify the bend. This is simply a craft paper or butcher paper tracing of your angle so we can match the track curve to the template before we ship it to you. The template can be rolled or folded for easier shipping to us.

What is a hospital cubicle curtain?

Cubicle curtains are dividers used to help create private enclosures for patients in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other medical facility environments. They are used to create privacy and help protect a patient’s confidentiality. They can also help prevent the spread of infection and disease throughout a facility. Cubicle curtains may be known as hospital curtains, or as privacy curtains.

Typically, cubicle curtains are hung from the ceiling on a track and reach near to the floor. Cubicle curtains are manufactured following strict health and safety regulations. They are available in various colors and patterns, but according to safety regulations, a cubicle curtain should be made from material that is fire-retardant.

Can Window Techs install my hospital curtains and cubicle track?
Yes. Window Techs offers cubicle curtain installation and hospital track installation services throughout India. Just let us know you would like a quote for installation services along with your quote for medical curtains and cubicle track.
Why do hospitals use cubicle curtains for privacy?

In a large room with open bays, cubicle curtains provide a flexible way to divide the room and allow for privacy. In private or semi-private rooms, cubicle curtains provide privacy without completely closing the door to the attending nurses.

Although the importance of the environment built for patient confidentiality may seem indisputable, only a few studies have directly examined the role of unit design or architecture. Also, even though the trend in many new hospitals is to build private rooms, most hospital rooms are still specified to have cubicle curtains at the entrance of the room.

What is suspended hospital/cubicle curtain track?

When you have light fixtures, vents or other obstructions that impact the layout of your hospital/cubicle curtain track, you can suspend the track below the ceiling to avoid the obstructions. We can provide ¾” round suspension tubing along with ceiling and track brackets to mount the track at a level height below the ceiling. We also provide wall brackets to anchor the ends of the hospital/cubicle curtain track where it ends at a wall.

What comes with the privacy curtain track?

In addition to the track channel, each cubicle/hospital curtain track comes with three (3) roller carriers with hooks for each foot of track. For example, 10-ft. track comes with 30 carriers. Each track also comes with one end stop and one end stop with pullout. If we cut the cubicle/hospital curtain track for shipping, we will include one splice for each cut made, at no additional charge.

Can I bend the hospital/cubicle curtain track?

No, you cannot bend the hospital/cubicle curtain track it is manufactured from rigid anodized aluminum. If you attempt to bend the track yourself, the channel will compress so the rollers will not operate freely.

Can I cut the hospital/cubicle curtain track?
Yes, the hospital/cubicle curtain track is aluminum and can be cut with a hack saw or electric chop saw.
If my hospital/cubicle curtain track is cut for shipping, how do I put the pieces back together?

All hospital/cubicle curtain tracks that are cut for shipping will be shipped with splices or joining sleeves that help align the track sections. Slide the track sections into the splice and make sure both ends of the track butt tightly together. Put a screw through the track on each side of the cut so the two pieces stay securely together inside the splice.

When purchasing privacy curtains and cubicle curtains, does the curtain track come with my order?

Hospital curtain track is not included in the price of your privacy curtain or cubicle curtain order. However, cubicle curtain track is available for purchase, and comes with everything you need to install with your cubicle curtains and cubicle curtains. We do not provide screws, as ceiling types vary significantly.

What is the product warranty when we buy Window Techs privacy curtains cubicle curtains and/or cubicle curtain track hardware?

Window Techs has a one-year warranty on all cubicle curtain and track products and  cubicle curtains.  This covers the quality of materials and workmanship in all of our hospital curtains.

How long will it take for me to receive my privacy curtains or cubicle curtain order?

When ordering cubicle curtains and/or cubicle curtains, lead time depends on the fabric you choose.  We have a wide selection of in-stock hospital cubicle curtain fabrics.  These in-stock cubicle curtains and cubicle curtain patterns normally ship within 1-2 weeks with receipt of order. Orders for privacy curtain track normally ship out in 48 hours.  Once we receive a quotation request from you for cubicle curtains or hospital curtains, we will notify you of the approximate lead time for delivery of your cubicle curtain or privacy curtain order. Rush orders are also accepted, however the lead time depends on our production schedule.

Can I return the cubicle/hospital curtain I purchased?

No, cubicle / hospital curtain are made to order and are not returnable. Please measure and order carefully. If you are unsure about a fabric pattern or color, please request a sample before ordering