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Window Techs’ imagination, optimism, feel for technology, and belief in success was the start-up assets as the company was founded in 1993 by Mr. Vishal Khandelwal.

The Initial idea

While one of their first ideas was to start stitching curtains and drapes with India’s leading furnishings stores, further, customers wanted the best quality curtain tracks to hang the curtains to fulfill this demand, and from there, we started to manufacture high-end quality Curtains Tracks. With the business of Curtain and Curtains tracks, Window Techs began to supply Hospitality, Healthcare, Residential, and Commercial Projects. Window Techs has started many other new ventures from time to time according to the market demand, i.e. Hospital Privacy Curtains. We are the proud company that has begun Anti Microbial and Fire Retardant Fabrics in Healthcare projects

Window Techs has started many other new ventures from time to time according to the market demand i.e Hospital Privacy Curtains– We are the proud company that has started Anti Microbial and Fire Retardant Fabrics in Healthcare projects.

The Founding of the Company

  • Even in the early years, the company’s founders quickly recognized the importance of providing exemplary service and sought to get close to their customers, retailers, and decorating businesses. Window Techs extended its area of activity systematically to different regions of India.
  • Apart from an enlarged product range, Window Techs developed into a service provider, a haulage company, and a technical center for the decoration industry. At the end of the 20 Century, Vishal Khandelwal invented Insulated Glass Blinds and achieved what numerous specialists at major sunshade companies had failed to accomplish.
  • The production Started in New Factory.
  • In 2016, the company moved into a modern production plant in Faridabad to manufacture its products. In parallel, a substantial expansion phase started, extending beyond India. Branch Offices were founded in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Kolkata to cover all parts of the Indian market. The increasing demands of the market triggered an inconceivable diversification phase.

Window Techs Today

Today Window Techs is an internationally successful business with a range of products. The product range consists of curtain rails, rods, roller blinds, Roman blinds, Venetian blinds, panel blinds, pleated blinds, and fly screens and extends as far as awnings, shading, and complete multi-functional systems.

In addition to this portfolio, customer service and support are other company strengths. One of the unique features of our organization is that all products are made-to-measure according to the customer’s wishes.

Hence, every order is an ‘ORIGINAL’.