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ICRP Nurse Call & Care Management System brings nurses and patients closer

Description of ICRP

Communication between the nurse and patient

  • Responding to call from a patiend
icrp window tech
icrp windowtech

Convenient functions that support communication between the nurse and patient

  • When multiple calls occur simultaneously.
  • Adjusting the call sound volume.
  • Selecting the call sound

Transferring the call to another master unit

  • Transferring the call to another nurse station
icrp window tech

Basic Schematic Of ICRP

Cables Specifiction

Item NameUsed LocationDiameter (mm)Conductor Resistance (Ω/km)Cable Length
Interphone cableBetween master unit and call units
Between digital display and external power units
0.6556.8 or belowMax. 150m
Between master unitsMax. 100m
Shielded twisted-pair cablesBetween master unit and digital display0.593.8 or belowMax. 150m

Other types of special sensors and buttons are also available

CARECOM have continued to market products that cater directly to the requirements of all people working in healthcare facilities and their patients. One of these products is the Care Sensor, designed for patients who are not physically able to press buttons.
Our line-up at CARECOM includes a wide range of special sensors and buttons to provide the peace of mind begin in touch at all times to all patients.