Bharat Mandapam, nestled in the heart of India’s architectural landscape, has undergone a remarkable transformation. Thanks to the visionary expertise of Arcop Associates and Aedas Singapore, this iconic complex now stands as a beacon of architectural brilliance and cultural pride. At its core lies a seamless fusion of safety and elegance, exemplified by the integration of Window Tech’s fire and smoke curtains.

Why Window Tech’s Fire and Smoke Curtains:

In the realm of architectural innovation, open space design plays a pivotal role. Window Tech’s fire and smoke curtains shine brightest in this context, seamlessly integrating into Bharat Mandapam’s open spaces while enhancing both form and function. Designed with the concept of Retrofuturism, Bharat Mandapam’s architectural style pays homage to Indian traditions while showcasing modern facilities. Its unique circular shape, inspired by the idea of equality and diversity, posed a challenge in integration. However, Window Tech’s precision, efficiency, and experience ensured the seamless integration of fire and smoke curtains without compromising safety or aesthetics.

Challenges and Solutions:

Precision in Design and Execution: The circular shape of the auditorium demanded intricate planning and execution. Window Tech’s solution involved crafting 22 curtain segments to conform seamlessly to the circular design, ensuring functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Seamless Deployment with Synchronized Motors: In a project of this scale, precision was paramount. Window Tech employed synchronized motors to guarantee flawless curtain deployment, ensuring a seamless transition when needed.

Innovative Structural Supports: Embracing the circular motif, Window Tech devised ingenious solutions to anchor the curtains securely while maintaining the integrity of the design and upholding safety standards.

Safety Without Compromise: Meeting NBC building codes was essential. Window Tech crafted T-shaped curtain zones for effective safety compartmentation, ensuring the protection of lives and property without sacrificing architectural integrity.


From preserving uninterrupted views to enhancing spatial dynamics, Window Tech’s fire and smoke curtains enrich Bharat Mandapam’s built environment, seamlessly combining safety with elegance. With a commitment to excellence, Window Tech has played a pivotal role in ensuring that Bharat Mandapam now stands as a shining example of modernity and sophistication.