In the dynamic world of retail, ensuring the safety of customers, employees, and merchandise is of utmost importance. With the integration of innovative solutions like fire and smoke curtains from Window Techs, Walmart stores in India are bolstering their defense against potential fire hazards.

The Need for Enhanced Fire Safety

The significance of fire safety was starkly demonstrated in September 2016 when a significant fire incident occurred at Walmart’s wholesale store near Vijaywada in Andhra Pradesh. The fire, believed to be caused by a short circuit, resulted in substantial property damage. Fortunately, there were no casualties. This incident underscored the urgent need for proactive fire prevention and containment strategies. Recognizing the critical need for enhanced fire safety measures, Walmart partnered with Window Techs, a leader in fire and smoke curtain solutions.

Why Window Techs Fire and Smoke Curtains?

The benefits of Window Techs fire and smoke curtains extend beyond containment and prevention. Their discreet integration seamlessly blends into the store’s design, ensuring that fire safety measures do not compromise the shopping experience. Furthermore, in warehouses and storage facilities, where the risk of fire is heightened due to the presence of flammable materials, these curtains provide invaluable protection, slowing the spread of fire until emergency services arrive.

Challenges and Solutions

Implementing Compartmentation

Window Techs executed a comprehensive strategy to enhance fire safety at Walmart stores. The first step involved implementing compartmentation—a strategy aimed at containing fires and preventing their rapid spread. Window Techs installed automatic fire curtains within each store, dividing the space into four compartments. These curtains act as barriers, confining fires to their origin and impeding the spread of smoke and flames.

Strategic Placement and Seamless Integration

Additionally, fixed curtains were strategically placed on racks to provide comprehensive coverage throughout the store. This meticulous approach ensures that even in the event of a fire, the damage is localized, minimizing losses and safeguarding both property and personnel. Moreover, WindowTechs ensured that the installation process was seamless and efficient, working diligently between 9 pm to 6 am to minimize disruptions to Walmart’s operations. Utilizing scissor lifts to work at heights of up to 12 meters, the installation was conducted seamlessly, without disturbing the existing materials or workflow.

Project Success and Expansion

The project, spanning 75 days from supply to installation, culminated in a significant enhancement of fire safety measures at the Walmart store. Building upon this success, Window Techs was entrusted with additional projects at Walmart stores in Kurnool and Guntur—a testament to the effectiveness and reliability of their solutions.


In conclusion, Window Techs has emerged as a trusted partner in Walmart’s commitment to fire safety. By leveraging their cutting-edge solutions, Walmart stores in India are